How to choose the best laptop without breaking the bank?

Today, there are plenty of laptops to choose from. Many companies like Lenovo, Dell, Apple and so on are manufacturing a number of laptops for people across the world to use. All these laptops have their own sets of features and can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people require laptops today since most of the work that needs to be done as well as other activities and information can be done and accessed from a laptop. A laptop has literally become a necessity in today’s world.

Choose the Best Laptop without Breaking the Bank

However, when a budget comes into the picture, the options get smaller. Since there has been a huge demand for laptops, prices have also risen, which makes it a bit harder for people to get good laptops. It is possible to get good laptops without worrying about your budget but that takes a bit of research. You need to know where to look in order to get the right laptop for you. These days, you can get laptops from secondhand stores and online stores instead of straight from the showroom. What’s more is you can get the best laptop under 5000!

So how do you choose a laptop without breaking the bank? The first step is to first look at the laptop you want. Shortlist a few laptops from different brands with different configurations. Look at the features of each laptop like core, storage, battery life, display, sound system and so on. Compare the features and see which ones fit your needs. See if you need the laptops for office work, basic home use or even gaming. Once you’re done searching through the laptops, set your budget for all and start searching for laptops within the price range you set.

The next step is finding where to look for budget laptops. As mentioned earlier, you can buy laptops online or go to licensed secondhand stores where laptops are sold at a considerably lesser price than what is being sold in the market. Most of these stores sell refurbished laptops that are still top quality at a lower rate and with a considerable discount. It’s these offers and discounts that make such laptops easier to buy. Search and make a list of the stores and compare the laptop prices of every store. Choose one that suits your budget and buy it.

This is one of the best ways in which you can choose the best laptop without breaking the bank. You don’t have to worry about prices if you know where to search and how to make the best decision for you. If you are looking for a good budget laptop, start searching now and go through as many stores and laptop models as you can. It may take a while but surely enough, you will find a laptop that suits your requirements and your budget without compromising on quality in any way. Hurry now and get your best laptop today!

How To Setup Domain And Hosting for Banks

The domain name must contain the business name, which forecasts the site to users and they must end with .com, .org, .net, etc., The domain names are maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

They must be owned for a year and every year it must be renewed from Domain Name Registrars if you wish to change your domain you can also change it after a year.

Domain & Hosting Setup

The domain names are chosen and bought from web hosting service, according to the popularity the cost varies. The web hosting can be shared, VPS and dedicated servers, you can choose the hosting that is suitable for your web page.

The types of domains:

  • Original top-level domains – .com, .org, .net, .edu
  • Country top-level domains – .us, .fr, .ca, .ar, .tv, .io, .in
  • Second level domains – .co, .uk, .com, .ar

When you have registered your name you will get Domain Name Servers (DNS), DNS contains all details of the domain names and translates to Internet Protocol address, which represents The things to consider while buying domain names are FTP access, cPanel, DNS control, SSL certificate, can change domain name anytime, and domain forwarding.

Steps Involved In Domain name and Hosting Setup 

  1. Compare the plans provided by web hosting services to find the best domain name and hosting for your website. The web hosting services can choose among shared, VPS and dedicated servers. It takes 48 hours to get activated completely.

There are many companies that offers SSAE16 bank security, however most of them are really pricey to get started. If you’re into business, wait till Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 and choose any of the hosting that offers great discount thus you can save a lot of money during startup stage. The discount changes based on type of hosting as explained below.

  • Shared Hosting – They provide a user-friendly experience, cost-effective. some shared hosts are,,
  • VPS Hosting – they can manage high traffic to provide better performance. The VPS hosting providers are, Hostwinds. com,
  • Dedicated Server hosting – They deliver high-level performance, more storage capacity, security, and reliability. Some providers are, A2Hosting  

2. The domain name availability has to be checked on the search box. The domain names will be listed along with the prices. You can select anyone according to your requirements.

3. Once your domain name is selected and finalized, you need to provide your personal information and make payment.

4. When the payment is successful, your order will be confirmed and you need to set a password.

5. Now the dashboard opens and you can see Icon drive for shared hosting and details of the domain you have bought.

6. The website is managed by cPanel and you will get FTP credentials to log in to the cPanel.

7. Once all the steps are done, you can download the FTP client to upload it to your own website to a hosting server. FTP client is a software that helps you to upload the folders and content from the computer to the web page.

8. Website Design route – They help to make your website look more presentable and develop them accordingly. It is done by website builders, content management systems, and from scratch.

  • The website builders are any bloggers, and developers to design the website faster, they focus primarily on the easy accessibility and mobile-friendly. The provider example is
  • Content Management System – The hosting system helps to design the website depending on your requirements. WordPress provides a free service for beginners. 
  • Design from scratch – The web designing and respective program languages help to make your website look more interesting.

Best SSAE 16 Compliance Hosting

The Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No.16 provides standards for providing auditing report that was authorized by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA).

SSAE 16 is an audit report about the organization that replaces SAS 70 by SOC. SSAE 16 provides authorized guidance that provides a complete report about the organization. Service Organisation Control (SOC) is a compliance standard, the Otava provides a safe environment for the data and maintenance of all financial records and reporting regulations.

The new standards for producing internal reports about the organization are complied using International Standard on Assurance Engagements No. 3402 (ISAE 3402). To issue the SSAE 16 certificate the companies must fall under the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act also called as Sarbanes-Oxley or SOX that provides a detailed report about internal control including the financial reports.

How to Choose SSAE 16 Compliance?

The SSAE 16 Type I and Type II provides reports which communicate information that manages the organization’s services, and organization systems also they provide an independent snapshot of the organization on a particular day and history of records that were managed over the period of time.

The cloud storage satisfies all standards that include SSAE16/SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 and all the industries follow the standard procedures to maintain the user data secured and provides customized organization needs.

The SOC 2 standard has significant features for data centers that have security, availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy to provide a secured audited environment for the data and applications.

  • The SOC 1 report contains a detailed report about Rackspace controls, internal controls over financial reporting, cloud servers and files and has SOC 1 report for dedicated servers, the standards used for audit report are SSAE No.18, AT-C section 320, and the reporting period coverage is 12 months.
  • The SOC 2 provides a report description of Rackspace control, third party audit report that meets the criteria, the standards used are SSAE No.18, AT-C 105, AT-C 205, and TSP Section 100A, the report issuing period id 12 months.
  • The SOC 3 delivers reports that are visible to the public that is issued for the organisation when they meet security, principles, and criteria by AICPA Trust services. The standards are SSAE No.18, AT-C 105, AT-C 205, and TSP Section 100A and the issuing period is one year.

Reliance Ties Up With Microsoft Azure To Bring Free Cloud Services In India

On August 12th Reliance Industries Ltd has made an announcement that they have made the partnership with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, which has a challenge for the other cloud serving providers like Amazon and Alphabets Google.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services In India

Reliance chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani has announced at the annual shareholder meet that, For the next 10 years Jio will build data centers all over India to host Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

He also added that “We now have the capability to develop truly India-native solutions, including speech recognition and natural language understanding for all major Indian languages and dialects”.

Jio-Azure has proposed to launch by January 2021. The Reliance has entered the cloud servicing market to provide major services like website hosting and data storage, which gives the tough fight for the other web serving companies.

Reliance has already launched Jio service to serve free voice calls and reduced data plans that is been successful by reducing many other service providers down. Mr. Satyajit Sinha, an analyst at tech consuktany has added that “other cloud players like AWS and Google will have to come up with new, perhaps cheaper pricing models for India”.

has already launched Jio service to serve free voice calls and reduced data plans that is been successful by reducing many other service providers down. Mr. Satyajit Sinha, an analyst at tech consuktany has added that “other cloud players like AWS and Google will have to come up with new, perhaps cheaper pricing models for India”.

Reliance has already launched a Jio technology company that provides internet-enabled devices, entertainment services, build fiber broadband and many other services. The tie-up between Reliance and Microsoft will create many visible changes in the technology world.

The microsoft’s Chief Executive Mr. Sathya Nadella has said that “Together, we will offer comprehensive technology solutions – from compute and storage to connectivity and productivity – to small and medium businesses everywhere in the country”.

Jio will provide free connectivity and cloud infrastructure to many new startups, Ambani has also added that “bundle of connectivity, productivity and automation tools”  will be offered by the company to all category of businesses, that includes micro, small, and medium business and the pricing starts from 1,500 rupees per month.

Mr. Naveen Mishra, of tech researcher Gartner, has said that “This pricing of elementary services is really the rock bottom price”. Compared to the Jio price other service providers charge multiple times than this price hence it is estimated that the Jio cloud service will grow at a pace of 23% annually for the next five years the reliance will touch $5.6billion.

The Amazon cloud service has refused to comment on the Reliance launch, Google has also not responded to comment on this. Mr. Aprameya Radhakrishna, the founder, and CEO of Vokal, an audio-video knowledge-sharing platform has commented that “We definitely will reassess whether we should keep using AWS or something else because storage is a huge cost”.

Reliance has made high step-in into the cloud service, which is a fast-growing market and needs to frame data privacy law, draft for customer key storage data.

Mr. Krishna Iyer, independent technology advisor has said that “companies that have a fairly mature IT adoption or those that are playing with a lot of Indian consumer data, they might prefer to move to Reliance because this data is guaranteed to be stored locally”.

How To Buy .Bank Domain Name In 2019

The .bank is a brand new top-level domain for financial service providers, up to date NetSpace is the only bank domain that ai available now .bank is for new financial domain registration.

The .bank provides more security for the bank as well as for customers, it is operated by fTLD Registry Services, LLC which is a consolidation of all bank, insurance, and financial servicing companies.

The mobile banking usage has increased due to the advancement in technologies, also bank requires many new innovative tools to satisfy customers requirements.

.Bank is an innovation for the 21st century that is designed to serve the banking community all over the world. All the banks can now build a secured, trusted and online identity by using the .bank domain system, it gives strong security to protect the customer’s details and increases the cybersecurity.

The .Bank allows users authentication through a trusted verification process and robust security technology. The domain is more customized which enhances the brand exposure.

The registration for .bank takes a long verification process under the regulation of charted that is governed and supervised by the government, hence the receiving the domain name with the brand is made easy.

Who Can Apply for .bank TLD?

  • Commercial banking which includes scheduled and non-scheduled must be regulated under the section Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  • The scheduled banks include State Bank of India, all its subsidiaries, Nationalised banks, regional rural banks, foreign banks, private banks, and co-operative banks, they are listed as 2nd schedule of Reserve Bank of India Act,1934
  • The Non-Scheduled banks are those which are not present under the 2nd schedule of RBI Act, 1934 and has bank capital less than 5 lakh rupees are categorized as the non-scheduled bank.

Steps To Register For .Bank Domain Name

  1. Find the domain name availability for your bank by searching with .bank, then enter the bank details along with the company information with contact details. An automated estimate is created and will be emailed to account.
  2. The required documents must be submitted through Netspace in a secured environment. The Legal name of the eligible registrant, registrant contact name, contact address, telephone number, Government regulatory authority, regulatory ID number. The contact details must be submitted for a full-time enrolled employee only.
  3. fTLD will verify all the submitted documents with the governance of government regulators and will approve the domain name with .bank. The process will take place for about 15 days since it requires many government level approvals.
  4. The registrant must also furnish additional information like a human resource contact name, phone number who will confirm the registrant information to make sure the domain authority is provided for the authorized person. After all the level of processing the domain name with .bank will be issued.

What is SSAE 16 Hosting – Overview and Guidance

SSAE is Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No.16 which are the set of standards and guidelines which were published by Auditing Standards Board of American Insitute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), that gives steps for providing service companies to report on compliance.

The SSAE16 was launched in April 2010 that provides a complete reporting standard format for all service reports that was launched to replace the Statement on Auditing Standards No.70 (SAS 70), the SSAE 16 was redefined by making an updated standard that made SSAE 18 on May 1, 2017.

Using the SSAE 16 auditors produce two different audit reports: the first one is a snapshot that delivers exact status of the organization on a particular day, and the second provides data control over the time that has changed over the interval of time.

The SSAE 16 provides the procedure of controls, security control for the organizations like data centers, Internet service providers, and incorporate information security controls, that help to have security compliance to run the organization.

The SSAE 16 provides the company with the written assertion by the auditor that describes accurate details about the organization, it also describes the services, objectives and operational activities that are delivered by the organization.

SSAE 16 Requirements

The SSAE 16 requires verification for design and operation through two types of audits. Type 1 audit provides an accurate description by the auditors about the service provider’s description and assertion, the second type is a combination of the first type and implements it with effective control for the specific time.

They provide accurate information about the company to the clients, the certification is delivered after proper internal audit which is related to financial reporting.

SSAE 16 Report

The report contains a detailed framework that is examined about the organization and is delivered in three Service Organisation Control (SOC) reports.

The SOC 1 contains details that are useful for auditors and office controllers, SOC 2 covers the security report, integrity processing, privacy, confidentiality, and availability that are used by regulators, and management and it is disclosed under the section nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

The SOC 3 is similar to SOC 2 but the details are made easily available for the public.

SSAE 16 Certification

Depending on the goal of the company the SSAE 16 differs. When an organization runs data center then SSAE 16 certification is not required since they provide resources under the product development category.

When it comes to customers then SSAE 16 is required, since the certification creates confidentiality about the organization and believes the data are preserved with highly secured concern.

The SSAE 16 certification holds some set of standards and focuses on the business requirement for customers. Hence you to get SSAE 16 certification to provide customers a detailed review and benefit of compliance guidelines.

SSAE 16 vs. SSAE 18

The SSAE 18 provides new standards that address more clearly the concerns, length, and complexity of the existing AICPA standards.

SSAE 18 combines many standards and is differs from SSAE 16, it gives a complete baseline and guidelines for the auditors to prepare reports and review them.

Most of the auditors follow SSAE 18 which provides accurate details about the concern. It specifies the requirement of monitoring controls at subservice organizations to know the evaluation process.