How To Buy .Bank Domain Name In 2019

The .bank is a brand new top-level domain for financial service providers, up to date NetSpace is the only bank domain that ai available now .bank is for new financial domain registration.

The .bank provides more security for the bank as well as for customers, it is operated by fTLD Registry Services, LLC which is a consolidation of all bank, insurance, and financial servicing companies.

The mobile banking usage has increased due to the advancement in technologies, also bank requires many new innovative tools to satisfy customers requirements.

.Bank is an innovation for the 21st century that is designed to serve the banking community all over the world. All the banks can now build a secured, trusted and online identity by using the .bank domain system, it gives strong security to protect the customer’s details and increases the cybersecurity.

The .Bank allows users authentication through a trusted verification process and robust security technology. The domain is more customized which enhances the brand exposure.

The registration for .bank takes a long verification process under the regulation of charted that is governed and supervised by the government, hence the receiving the domain name with the brand is made easy.

Who Can Apply for .bank TLD?

  • Commercial banking which includes scheduled and non-scheduled must be regulated under the section Banking Regulation Act, 1949
  • The scheduled banks include State Bank of India, all its subsidiaries, Nationalised banks, regional rural banks, foreign banks, private banks, and co-operative banks, they are listed as 2nd schedule of Reserve Bank of India Act,1934
  • The Non-Scheduled banks are those which are not present under the 2nd schedule of RBI Act, 1934 and has bank capital less than 5 lakh rupees are categorized as the non-scheduled bank.

Steps To Register For .Bank Domain Name

  1. Find the domain name availability for your bank by searching with .bank, then enter the bank details along with the company information with contact details. An automated estimate is created and will be emailed to account.
  2. The required documents must be submitted through Netspace in a secured environment. The Legal name of the eligible registrant, registrant contact name, contact address, telephone number, Government regulatory authority, regulatory ID number. The contact details must be submitted for a full-time enrolled employee only.
  3. fTLD will verify all the submitted documents with the governance of government regulators and will approve the domain name with .bank. The process will take place for about 15 days since it requires many government level approvals.
  4. The registrant must also furnish additional information like a human resource contact name, phone number who will confirm the registrant information to make sure the domain authority is provided for the authorized person. After all the level of processing the domain name with .bank will be issued.

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