How To Setup Domain And Hosting for Banks

The domain name must contain the business name, which forecasts the site to users and they must end with .com, .org, .net, etc., The domain names are maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

They must be owned for a year and every year it must be renewed from Domain Name Registrars if you wish to change your domain you can also change it after a year.

Domain & Hosting Setup

The domain names are chosen and bought from web hosting service, according to the popularity the cost varies. The web hosting can be shared, VPS and dedicated servers, you can choose the hosting that is suitable for your web page.

The types of domains:

  • Original top-level domains – .com, .org, .net, .edu
  • Country top-level domains – .us, .fr, .ca, .ar, .tv, .io, .in
  • Second level domains – .co, .uk, .com, .ar

When you have registered your name you will get Domain Name Servers (DNS), DNS contains all details of the domain names and translates to Internet Protocol address, which represents The things to consider while buying domain names are FTP access, cPanel, DNS control, SSL certificate, can change domain name anytime, and domain forwarding.

Steps Involved In Domain name and Hosting Setup 

  1. Compare the plans provided by web hosting services to find the best domain name and hosting for your website. The web hosting services can choose among shared, VPS and dedicated servers. It takes 48 hours to get activated completely.

There are many companies that offers SSAE16 bank security, however most of them are really pricey to get started. If you’re into business, wait till Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2019 and choose any of the hosting that offers great discount thus you can save a lot of money during startup stage. The discount changes based on type of hosting as explained below.

  • Shared Hosting – They provide a user-friendly experience, cost-effective. some shared hosts are,,
  • VPS Hosting – they can manage high traffic to provide better performance. The VPS hosting providers are, Hostwinds. com,
  • Dedicated Server hosting – They deliver high-level performance, more storage capacity, security, and reliability. Some providers are, A2Hosting  

2. The domain name availability has to be checked on the search box. The domain names will be listed along with the prices. You can select anyone according to your requirements.

3. Once your domain name is selected and finalized, you need to provide your personal information and make payment.

4. When the payment is successful, your order will be confirmed and you need to set a password.

5. Now the dashboard opens and you can see Icon drive for shared hosting and details of the domain you have bought.

6. The website is managed by cPanel and you will get FTP credentials to log in to the cPanel.

7. Once all the steps are done, you can download the FTP client to upload it to your own website to a hosting server. FTP client is a software that helps you to upload the folders and content from the computer to the web page.

8. Website Design route – They help to make your website look more presentable and develop them accordingly. It is done by website builders, content management systems, and from scratch.

  • The website builders are any bloggers, and developers to design the website faster, they focus primarily on the easy accessibility and mobile-friendly. The provider example is
  • Content Management System – The hosting system helps to design the website depending on your requirements. WordPress provides a free service for beginners. 
  • Design from scratch – The web designing and respective program languages help to make your website look more interesting.

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